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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Quinn School Funny - Faulty Towers

In Term 4 of Grade 5 at Quinn's school, they play a long and complex game called 'The Game of Life' it seems to be a kind of SIMS/Monopoly based game or sorts where they have to do activities, plan and earn things and build up a life for themselves. There are various inputs and outputs and their choices and strategies determine how well they come out at the end. They have to chose jobs, build houses, decide to invest or build other dwellings to rent out etc etc. It seems like a lot of fun and a good idea to teach about some of the intricacies and considerations of adult life and responsibilities.

Anyway Quinn has now earned the right to build accomodation to rent out. His friend made a bunch of cute cluster houses. Quinn decided to go the high-volume route and built 2 VERY tall and thin sky-scraper blocks of flats.

Guess what he has called them??

The Quinn Towers!

LOL. I love the sense of humour we have in our family. :)

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  1. Wow, that is a brilliant program! And I love his name