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Monday, 7 November 2011

Quinn - amazing school trip - dilemma

Quinn's school does a Grade 6 Educational Exchange with a UK school every year. Only 8 boys get selected to go (out of about 100) so it is quite an honour. They have to meet qualifying criteria in terms of academic performance, tenure at the school, not regulars at detention etc. If they meet the qualifying criteria they then have to fill in a 'resume' to motivate why they should be chosen.

Quinn is super keen to apply and believes he can convince them to select him.

It would mean a 3-week trip to the UK next March. Experiencing attending a good school in the UK, trips into London, excursions to the sites and museums of London and probably experiences, fun and memories to last him a lifetime.

I do believe that this is the stuff that builds and teaches us the most. More-so than what you learn and remember for your usual class-room lessons.

BUT. There's always a but isn't there? The trip will costs a total of about R20 000. Which I simply don't have.

I really don't want that to be the deciding factor and limitation though. He has had to go without so much over the past few years, and is always compromising and settling and making do...

So, I told him tonight that he must go ahead and apply, and IF he gets in I will do what it takes to raise the money for it.

If he does somehow get chosen, do you think it would it be reasonable for me to ask friends and family who would have given him Christmas/Birthday gifts to rather contribute towards a fund for this..? Be honest would you find that offensive or forward?

We could also sell and raffle stuff at work and school and... Can you think of any other clever and effective fund raising ideas?


  1. What about a garage sale?
    That's if you have any unwanted goods, toys or clothes.

    Or he could wash the neighbours cars?

    Will try think of more :)

  2. Definately not rude to ask for money instead of gifts. Have you got any friends who own shops or can offer something for raffles? Can he do something crazy that people could sponsor him for - riding an exercise bike for however many hours, sitting in a tree at school for eg. He could also think of something daft to do as a dare that people must give him bucks for if he does it.

  3. A sponsor idea can work well . And no, not rude to ask.

  4. I do not think it rude to ask friends/ family for cash in lieu of gifts at all. I think they would be happy to be involved.
    And how about a little fund raiser on your blog?
    I can't speak for everyone, (although I'm sure they'd agree) but Quinn is one of the coolest kids I know, and I would love to see him go to London. That would be fantastic!