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Sunday, 5 August 2012


I have done 3x #moonlightmass cycles now and I am hooked. They are SUCH FUN!

#moonlightmass is the brain child of Daniel Graham and Elad Kirshenbaum – an uber cool social cycling experience highlighting the fact that Cape Town has an embarrassingly high carbon emission rate that could be offset by using greener transportation methods. #moonlightmass is a casual evening bicycle ride starting at the Green Point Circle on the eve of the full moon, every month. The monthly full moon cycle aims to raise awareness for cycling in the city and the safety of cyclists in the urban environment.

The next #moonlightmass cycle is 8.2, and is a special BLUE MOON version. WEAR BLUE! It takes place on 31 August, at 9pm. Meet under the Green Point roundabout . Check out the #moonlightmass Facebook Page & website for more details.


These are our photos from #moonlightmass 8.1 which was on Thurs. Quinn and I were there.
 More awesome photos here:

Photos from our previous 2 #Moonlightmass cycles:
4 simple rules:
  •  Wear a helmet
  •  Use reflective gear
  • Switch on the lights
  •  Obey all traffic laws
Read more about it here:
Firstly, if you’re looking for an excuse to slip into some spandex or slip-stream a peloton of peddlers – then this isn’t the ride for you. Note that I said ride, not race, because it's definitely not a race when you cruise past a pretty girl in double denim and a basket on the front of her Maybelline, or some guys in big bushy beards smoking pipes. You drink beer before, after and during #moonlightmass, not NRG drinks from Camelbaks.
Now it’s quite something getting 700+ Capetonians to commit to anything, let alone physical activity at nine on a Monday night, but to get Helen Zille to participate, just by tweeting at her, now that’s something.
The moonlightmass is not a race. Think of it as a scenic night-meander. We weaved our way alongside the stadium grounds, past The Radisson and along onto the Sea Point Promenade. Thereafter, we made our way back along Green Point Main Road before breaking briefly at the bottom of Long Street. People who watched from cars had their jaws dropping in their laps. The vibe was indescribable.

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