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Monday, 13 August 2012

Quinn - now famous in Cholesteatoma circles

In case you are interested, Quinn and his ear saga has been featured on Tasha's Cholesteatoma info and support site... 

Born With Cholesteatoma.

He is even featured on the front page of the site's picture collage...

I'll show it to him tonight. :)

I hope that his story helps someone through their experience. I found the info and personal stories and induvidual suppport on the forum I am on invaluable and really very helpful when we were in the middle of Quinn's treatments. It really does help to know others have beent through it (and sometimes much worse) and are doing ok.

The latest update on Quinn's ears - we had an appointment with his fabulous doc last week - is that his ears are stable now. The latest TORP (Titanium Oscile Replacement Prosthesis) still seems to have limited effect but his hearing is functional for now, and we may look at getting him a hearing-aid for the right ear should it be required. 

In the mean time we are down to 3-4 monthly check-ups and the Doc said he can do whatever he wants. INCLUDING swimming, water-polo, even DIVING, and also Rugby!!! He just said that in swimming seaon we should try to dry ear out after being wet and to probably come in more frequently for a cleaning. WHOOP!

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  1. Hi, just a return visit - though I plan to reply to your comment too. Looking forward to sharing our stories with you when the time comes, as well. Thanks again, Jane!