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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mom PLEASE put some pants on!

I seldom wear skirts or dresses - either for work or leisure. I am more the pants and shorts type. I mean you never know when you are going to have to climb under a desk (To fix a PC! - where was YOUR mind going!? ;) ), or want to climb a tree, or roll around etc.

However yesterday I wore a long ankle-length summer dress to work.

In the evening I wanted to take the boys and dog to the park for a bit, but didn't feel up to a major exercise mission, so just popped some slip-slops on and called them so we could go. Quinn was somewhat appalled and almost insisted I change first. I said, 'Nah it's fine, I can still be fun like this. I'll even ride a scooter down.' But he seriously wanted me to change. He didn't think it was appropriate at all. He eventually said, 'Please at least put some PANTS on... under that'.
:roll: :lol: :twisted:

I mean for frik's sake is he the modesty-police now or what?

I ended up prevailing - did you have any doubt about that?. So while I was coasting down the hill on my scooter with my leg raised up in the air behind me, I called out to Quinn saying 'OMG look Quinn, you can see my whole CALF!'. I then threatened to do handstands in the park. Yeah I am that evil. But as luck would have it the nutty neighbours who live next to the park had a couch out on the grass - I KID YOU NOT! - and were lounging there having a glass of wine, so I decided against that particular antic in the end.

I really had to giggle at the 'Please put some pants on at least' thing though.
:lol: :lol:

p.s. I hope I am actually not mortifying my kids and seriously embarrassing them...? I like to think I am quirky and fun, and not cringe-worthy to them.


  1. you are perfect. you are so you !

  2. I'm here from Meriel's blog.

    Cute story! Part of the fun of parenting (so mine keep telling me) is making sure you're cringe-worthy on occasion ;-)

  3. I also give it a bit of no pant. lol

  4. Oh LOL imagine the whining when they're teenagers!!

  5. Teehee... I once had the audacity to wear a mini-skirt to church, which was only just above my knee, and my knucklehead nearly had a fit! "Thats WAY too short!"