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Friday, 19 June 2009

The Famous Highland Fling for Father's Day

So Sunday is Father's Day, and the one good thing I do have in my life is a fabulous Father! I love him to bits.

Not only is he a brilliant father and grandfather, but he is also a wonderful friend & confidant. I also use him as my voice of reason and valued wise advisor whenever needed, and he never fails to be there when needed to offer support and encouragement. Something for which I am immensely grateful. I don't think he even realises just how much I need and appreciate it.

Also I never have as much fun as when chatting over a good meal and sharing a bottle of wine with my good ol' dad.

This is when we last saw him earlier this year and the boys and I met him for dinner at the Blue Peter Hotel.

I have created the following fun Father's Day video for him which suits him perfectly, being of Scottish decent and having a penchant for Whisky and all ;)

I love you dad!


  1. Of scots decent, eh? well, well...that explains a lot...

  2. He sounds very precious - good genes !! and a great role model for the boys.