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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Update on the glasses saga

Yesterday the Aunt mailed me to say that T claimed the 3rd child had slammed him into the floor, so it was not his fault the glasses had broken.

The deputy headmaster phoned me later in the afternoon (the Headmaster responded briefly to my mail message saying he'd relegated the matter to the deputy for investigation and action and I should make contact with him again if it is not resolved to my satisfaction) and we had a constructive chat. He has spoken to all 3 boys (separately) and he said Quinn's version is correct, and the 3rd boy was just trying to help Quinn and so is not to blame, even though his help didn't help.

I told him I am not going to insist they pay, but would leave it up to T's family to decide, but that I wanted the boys to understand that this kind of thing is not on. And that things like glasses, braces, hearing aids or what have you are not thing to mess around with. He agreed completely and said he would take it further.

He has also spoken to the PE teacher who said it happened while he was packing up and while the boys were getting dressed right at the end of the lesson. I told him I didn't feel the teacher or school was to blame. This could have just as easily happened on the play ground or at after care etc...

I did tell him I wanted Q & T watched to ensure no more serious a situation develops between them though and for them possibly to be separated in class so they don't sit near each other or work in the same group, and he agreed. He told me he'll contact T's guardians as well and hear from them too and we'll speak again.

I am impressed with his response and how seriously he took it.

I still think it is a phenomenal school.


  1. Glad they've taken it seriously.

  2. you handled it really well - I am sure that your approach made it easier for them to respond.

  3. You are lucky. I once had an incident where a boy asked my son to 'suck his winky' and showed the other boys his genitals. The school was pathetic in how they handled it.
    (He was 5 at the time)

  4. It was handled well by everyone!

    Maybe the aunt needs to read my blog on blame ;-p

    Its good to know the school is on the side of the right thing!

  5. Thats amazing. I am so glad they're responding to it all.

  6. Sounds like a very proper school.