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Thursday, 18 June 2009

It costs 45c!

So you know how I have not been able to phone my ex in a month (or more?) because his cell phone was cut off due to lack of payment? And he has been harassing me saying I must give him money asap (and lots of it) so that he can have a phone, otherwise it is implied it is my fault that he is incommunicado...?

Well yesterday I got a SIM card to put in a cheap old handset I have lying around. This is so that I can send it with Quinn when they are with their dad so that I have some way to contact them, and they can contact me if needed.... guess how much it cost???

Yep, a whole 45 cents! I kid you not. This is for a SIM which is active for 30 days, and which allows incoming calls and can send 'call me back's. (Of course I can add airtime to it to allow call to be made from it, and to extend the activation window further.)

See, making a plan is really not that hard!... But I am only prepared to be 'the mom' to my actual children now.

Of course Quinn is happy as a pig in muck at this idea. So despite my best efforts at avoiding the cell phone issue with the kids for as long as possible it is now a practical requirement to give him one.


  1. Snap! I bought one as well on Wednesday, just as a backup :)

  2. I think your decision about getting the kids the phone and not your ex is a fab one!!

  3. Good plan. I said to Laura yesterday that our being competent makes our men lazy.

  4. You see.... you can make a plan if you want to.... clearly the x has no intention of being an adult.

  5. Argh how frustrating is this!!!

    Seriously Jane! I have no words! Its all about making you feel guilty!