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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Oh holy fuck

My day just got EVEN better...

At 17:45 G was brought home and I was bitched at for not being 'where we arranged to be'. Oh sorry I forgot we only do what he says ALL THE TIME, and the reason he doesn't have a phone or money is MY fault.

I was told that I will give him:
"R25 000 by Friday
A further R100 000 by the end of the month
and the balance to follow."
Because, and get this, pay attention because this is the BEST bit, he is "Tired of waiting now."

I was like what balance and he says "The R250 000 you agreed to pay me."

What fucking planet is this retard on. REALLY?

I mean even if I do/did agree to pay him, there is no money available AT ALL until the transfer goes through, the transfer is delayed by 6+ months because HE WOULDN'T SIGN THE FUCKING FORMS!!!

But now it is my fault.

Tomorrow I am filing the papers to get the car he is driving off my name, and I am taking it off my insurance. I was thinking about that today and thought 'Shame I can't take him off, he needs car insurance' and yet he thought nothing of letting our medical aid and life insurance lapse. he didn't even feel it was necessary to TELL me.

I will also be phoning my lawyer and finding out exactly where I stand with this money thing....

The boys were standing right there, and I said, 'Can we discuss this another time, when the children aren't standing right here?', and he just launched into a long monologue about me having to sell the house if I have to to pay him etc.

So before it got too out of hand I had to usher my children inside because he was creating a scene in the street and I decided they were not going with him tonight, and now I have Griffin crying because he "Wanted to go with daddy, and it's all because daddy stopped working at Ubuntu hey? And now he has no money."

When and how can I ever get this shit done with and have a normal life that is not so screwed up and full of shit all the time? I am never going to have a normal life or normal relationship while I have this kind of bullshit going on ALL the time. :`(


  1. Crap Jane! I have been a bit behind in reading!

    This shit is seriously fucked up! FUCKED UP!

    Not sure what planet he lives on but its NOT planet earth at ALL!!!!!!

    Good for you for taking the car off your name! He is an adult Jane - you are NOT his keeper or mother or person how makes it ok!

    ((HUGS)) I know all to well how this is draining and seems never ending!

  2. Bloody hell! He's just more than a little insane, isn't he?!!??!
    Hope you sort this out with your lawyer. How can he let the med aid lapse? Hope you go through with the car and insurance thing.

  3. This is why I'll 'stick it out'. It would drive me to murder, I'm sure. Lots of hugs. That man is not proper

  4. Hope its a better day xx

  5. Jane...
    Lawdy I wish there was some way we could all make this fixed for you!
    Shee-ite girl...

  6. Hi Jane, not sure how you're going to feel about this, I'm Debra Wucherpfennig. Read your blog and could happily kill Richard. I'm a mom too so my empathy for you is a tad strong - the way he's behaving is ridiculous! Would like to email him and tell him to sort his priorities out - do you have an address I could use? I'll understand if your reaction is "fuck off" but I'm hoping there's a chance he'll hear me. Okay, sounds like my ego is in overdrive and that's not the case! I want to help if I can.... Debra

  7. Suppose an address for me would help. If you want to make contact you can reach me at


  8. @Debra - wow my blood just ran cold reading your name...

    You are welcome to mail me if you want to chat further.