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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Ok, I am fucking fed up. I have fucking had enough now.

What went wrong? Let's see.

Quinn's glasses were broken and now I have to replace them at MY expense. So instead of the expensive snooty optometrist we usually use, I thought I'd try Spec Savers. Their funky website doesn't work so I could not use their 'store locator' to find a phone number for the Kenilworth branch, so I phoned their head office who gave me the number. I phoned and booked. The appointment was for today 16:30.

In the mean time Quinn had an away soccer match until 16:00 and Griffin was going to be at aftercare and the boys were meant to be seeing their dad from 17:00 tonight. That's pretty tight timing, but it;s how my life works. Rush rush rush.

Since I have NO way to contact my ex other than email I emailed him YESTERDAY asking if he could collect G from after-care today and then collect Q from the optometrist appointment. He responded about 26 hours later saying ok.

In the interim, the Spec Savers branch in HOUT BAY phoned to confirm my appointment, and I was like WTF!? I wanted an appointment in Kenilworth. Nope the head office gave me the number for Hout Bay. So appointment was cancelled and new one made for next Friday.

So when ex emailed to say ok, I replied, within 30 mins to let him know plans had changed, and never mind collect boys at home at 17:00 as per original plan.

So at 16:00 I dash off to school t get Griffin and can't find him I searched and searched and then realised he must have been taken. Yep sure enough he was signed out. So I dashed off to get Quinn, but half way there the teacher phones with these exact words 'Hello, are you planning to fetch Quinn today?'. Er no, I think I'll just leave him there for the night! D'oh. +++Stress. :`(

So then I get home to find my fucking garage door motor broken again. 3rd time in 18 months I think!!! So I phone and tell the man as politely as I can manage to please fucking Christ not put another plastic gear in this time since his R10 gear costs R650 to replace each time I have to call them out!

Then my domestic has some bloody small claims court issue with her son she wants me to intervene with. She is forever getting herself into shit with people and opening accounts which I then have to pay off for her. She does not learn!!!

And then I STILL CAN'T find Griffin. I assume he is with Richard but it is now 17:30 and no sign or sound from them. This does not make me feel happy or relaxed.

How fucking hard is it to get a R1.99 starter pack and even send me 'call me backs' if he has no money? I mean REALLY. Come on, does everything have to be so god damned hard all the time??

Then my sister is really getting my goat, I have just had it with her now. She only contacts me when she wants something from me... I am not even going into all that now, but now she is interfering with my domestic too, who then moans at ME about her and how unreliable she is and how she doesn't ask for anything she just tells you what you are going to do, and how she makes you do favours for her without compensation etc etc. I KNOW. She is a brat. I am sick of her too!

Maybe the problem is me and that I have a bad attitude? I don't know, but fuck it I just want a break now!

So that's my rant.


  1. I think you have had your fair share of cr@p. It's time you get a break. This is just madness.

  2. I swear Jane... This is when I take my kid and disappear.
    If anyone deserves a break its you!

  3. Nee fok. Dit klink glad nie goed nie.