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Monday, 22 June 2009

There's life in the old bird yet!

It was recently my good friend Beryl and her hubby's respective birthdays, so they arranged a drinks/snacks session at the Fat Cactus on Friday. I love the place and so I was game.

I had a pretty hectic day on Friday: work, giving a colleague a lift home, rushing to Q's eye appointment, then some rapid emergency shopping before rushing the boys to cubs just in time (but sans their uniforms) and then having to get their week-end bags sorted and dropped of with them at cubs. I ended up making it to the Fat Cactus well after 18:30 (the invite was for 17:30). Because of all of this there was simply no time to go home to change into something more befitting of a Friday night out and so I was in my dorky work outfit.

I wasn't too perturbed, many people use the Fat Cactus as an after work sundowner spot, so no harm done...

But then as we were leaving at 22:00 or so someone decided it was too early to go home. I suggested we pop into Stones in Claremont to play pool. This is a suitably adult thing to do. They agreed and off we went. Somehow though the other couple we were with; Bridget & Tanya got way laid in Tantra downstairs from Stones and so I relented to 'one drink' there... yeah right. We ended up on the dance floor amid a bunch of guys who seriously looked about 12 years old... but shame I bet they were older... maybe 16! And never left util somewhere around 2am, and not before the photographer snapped us there. SO now there is evidence too!

Now that my so called 'friends' Meriel & Lindy have let the cat out of the bag and blabbed about the proof of me clubbing it up like a 16 year old. Here is the evidence as captured for all the world to see!
Admittedly it was a lot of fun, but I am finding these shindigs a bit harder to recover from these days... So Saturday morning had me feeling a bit grim and I decided to stay in bed until I had had at least 3 cups of coffee. My planned run turned into a rather pitiful walk instead. But it did the job and I felt good enough to drag myself to the Comedy show after a long bath.

So what's planned for this week-end? Oh right I have a work party I am organising on Friday... argh! ;)


  1. As long as you had a cooool time - who cares how old they were. :-)

  2. Moaning Myrtle23 June 2009 at 17:51

    As long as you had fun - you need a good party and dance session every now and again.