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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Stylish eye for the fashion-retarded IT 'guy' - HELP

So it's my step sister's wedding in around 2 weeks, and I have suddenly woken up to the fact that that means I had better get my ass into gear and get organised. There is a LOT to do!

I need to buy the happy couple a gift AND sort out all the Christmas gifts for the Gauteng contingent. Not to mention arrange get togethers with all and sundry up yonder.

On that note: I will be available for guest appearances (I mean meets) on Sunday 13 Dec (after lunch or evening) and/or Monday 14 Dec (anytime). I'll be staying in Pretoria Eastern Suburbs, but can get to anywhere within reason in JHB/PTA area. So please help me plan a get together! I am happy to do whatever everyone else wants - and am more than happy to do a day-time with-kids get together and/or evening drinks/jol etc. Just let me know, and let's make it happen! I have no clue where y'all from up there live and what are good venues there anymore etc. (I moved in 1996 remember!)

Anyhoo, back to the point of this post. I also need to figure out all the 'girly' stuff. Dress, shoes, bag, hair, nails. All that crap! Crap which I am so not good at. It does not come naturally and I am not that fond of it at all. I wish someone could just style me, because I do not know how to shop, coordinate, accessorise or anything. I don't even like shopping or trying stuff on. I KNOW I am a terribly defective female in this regard. *shrug*

Anyway, so I am asking the great people of the Internets to HELP me with this arduous task. So great people of the Interwebz; I need something formal to wear. It is a late afternoon/evening black-tie dress code event - a Bryanston fancy church & Pretoria Country club.

I have managed to get myself into 2x shops for long enough to find and purchase the following (on condition that I have the option to take either or both back by the end of this week-end, once my gurus have spoken) 2 dresses and pair of snake-skin strappy sandals.

So here are my options. Don't forget to HELP! I am pretty clueless when it comes to fashion & style.

Option 1:

Stretchy silky fabric 'Helen of Troy' type dress with empire waist line in white, brown, black and snake-skin type print.

(Excuse Griffin's crap photography)

Would this dress work for a formal evening wedding?
Do the shoes (also 'snake skin') match the dress?
Are either nice and/or do they suck?

Option 2:

Dusky blue knit dress from YDE with empire waist line and stain ties which can tie front or back...


Note the choices of shoes:
White or black slip on sandals from my wardrobe, or the higher new 'snake skin' numbers, (or something else completely...?)

Oh and I was thinking of wearing my hair UP, with a few strands hanging down to soften the look, would that work...? Or down and cut/blow dried etc...?

Any advice, suggestions or scathing criticism welcome! ;)


  1. gosh Jane, dresses look good on you.

    i like the first one the best. i think it's more jane.

  2. I like the second one!!!

    And I want to see you!!! I am also in PTA East - so will have to make a plan!

  3. First one!!!

    Btw - I am free on 13 Dec - let me know.

  4. I like the first one! Looks fab :-)

    Enjoy the wedding and the get together and travel safely.


  5. I like the first one best.

    I am free on 14 December (but have 2 out of 4 kids with me) - so happy to meet somewhere. Just let me know.

  6. If you go for the first one...I would say black shoes.

    ...but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the second one..and it would look great with black or silver shoes and silver accessories.

  7. Here from Meriel's spot again.

    You are so pretty! I'm with Lynette though - the second dress is made for you and perfect for a black-tie event. Gorgeous!

  8. Sjoe cant go wrong either way!

    I am usually annoyingly decisive but today...not so much! Both those dresses look fabulous.

  9. Love Love Love the blue dress! it's gorgeous!

  10. Love Love Love the blue dress! it's gorgeous!