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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Gratitude for incredible Kindness & Generosity

When we posted the original, terrible, devastating message breaking the news about our darling Natey's death. We asked that any money that would have been spent on sending flowers to please rather be donated to the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital via the Children's Hospital Trust in Nathaniel's name. Where it could do some good.

Little did we know that the kind and generous, incredible people we know did just that. We have been informed that quite a sum of money has been received in the name of Nathaniel Leonidas Thor Canter, which will be able to help many little sick children in need. We have chosen to allocate all the funds received to support other children dealing with Childhood Heart Disease.

This has brought me to tears. I can not express how much this kindness and care means, and how humbling and overwhelming the generosity and compassion of people is. Thank-you everybody. ❤❤❤

We received a letter from the trust coordinator yesterday: 
The Children’s Hospital Trust would like to express our sincere condolence to the family of little Nathaniel Leonidas Thor Canter. It is with immense sadness that we received the news, from beloved family and friends, of his sudden passing. Our thoughts and prayers are so much with you during this time. 
I have also been informed that, instead of flowers, you requested friends and family to make a donation to the Children’s Hospital Trust in memory of little Nathaniel to benefit the sick children here the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, for this we are forever grateful. Through these donations, Nathaniel’s legacy will live on through the lives of the thousands of children it will touch here at the hospital.
Every cent of this legacy donation is invested into giving back childhood to the little patients at the Hospital. Their futures are shaped by the treatment they receive now, and one day they will understand that there were people like you who cared enough to give them a chance to grow up and take their place in the world.
We were overwhelmed with donations in memory of Nathaniel and to date have gratefully received an amazing R23 000. I wish to inform you that we will be creating an In-Memoriam in memory of Nathaniel.
Every In-Memoriam donation of R5000 or more is acknowledged with an individually engraved plaque in our beautiful Garden of Remembrance at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital as well as calligraphied in our Book of Remembrance which holds a special place in our reception area.
The In-Memoriam will be in place by the first week of March 2017 and we would like to invite family and friends to come and visit the garden, view the book and go on a hospital tour, if so desired.
Update received from the trust coordinator on 17 Jan 2017: "I wish to inform you of further donations received in memory of Nathaniel. The response is overwhelming and it clear that he was and still is much loved.  Total donations received R29 880."

Updated again on 23 Jan: Final tally now at R34 000

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