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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Natey's Poem

Written by a dear and special friend Mel...

A little star, I never met,
Yet feel so real and in my heart.
You fill my thoughts and soul and mind
Your family too and all your kind.

And not just me but many others,
Loved and adored around the world.
What is it special little star
That has us grieve you near and far?

I never saw you face to face
Your wriggly toddler body embrace.
I only saw your daily pics.
And laughy Natey toddler clips.

Yet that was enough for me and others
To get to know you and your brothers.
I have watched them too for many years,
Chubby cheeks and freckles, laughs and tears

We waited for you little star,
While you twinkled in the sky
And then plucked down and brought to life,
In a family of love, no stress, no strife.

Your galaxy on earth so perfect,
Filled with all that’s good and right.
Your laugh, your eyes, your brightest smile,
Your beauty we shared for just a while

It’s far too short and is not fair,
It makes no sense the grief we bare
It makes no sense you had to leave,
A void now left with so much grief.

At night I sit and want to cry
So pause and look up at the sky
And though so far away I see the light,
I see you twinkle in the night

I see you little shining star,
I feel your light and love down here
It hurts like hell I will not lie,
Bright twinkle boy up in the sky.

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