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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Best Compliment Ever

Recently the boys were reading me  snippets from the Guinness Book of World Records they had taken out from the school library. )It was a great way to sneak in a bit of reading practice without them realising it!) :)

Some of the records were just silly. Like the record for the most amount of weight someone can dangle off a sword they have swallowed. I mean WTF? I think these people just think up the arbest thing they can think of in order to be the world record holder at it...

Anyway so I got chatting to the boys about what we could come up with as our world record skills or attributes. We decided Quinn could be world champion burper, and while we were trying to think of Griffin's one - Quinn suggested world' stinkiest farts for him!.

But then Griffin turned to me and said, "And you can be the best Mom&Dad in the world!". Wow. WOW. I think that may be the biggest compliment I have ever received. Ever. Thanks my baby boy. You just made it to best kid in the word. By far! Mwah.

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