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Monday, 15 August 2011

Griffin - Homeschool/Unschool Candidate?!

Guess what he just said to me..?

'There's only one thing I hate about school... the fact that the bell rings every half an hour! Sometimes I'll be doing a big sum and thinking hard and then it distracts me. It's annoying.'

LOL. I love that about him. He is so responsible and conscientious. When I got home tonight he was at the table working at his homework and doing it perfectly. Most nights when I get home he is done with it and he leaves it out for me to see and sign-off. He tells me he finishes most of his work at school while other kids are chatting, playing or colouring in, because he's rather finish it then and there and rather have extra play time later at home.

Last week he won the grade merit badge and also came home with 40/40 for a Math Assessment. He is becoming so mature. He really can be a little angel sometimes. <3 <3 <3

Oh and he was really struggling with spelling last term, so we were given a list of words (about 200) to drill him on. He was reluctant because he really battled (I actually thought there was something wrong with him becuase he COULD NOT get even simple words like 'few' right even after practicing for days) and he just didn't want to do it, but he relented eventually with lots of coercion and now it's like something has just clicked and now suddenly he is doing really well at spelling, even though I have forgotten to keep practicing that consistently. Anyway he now tells me that in the early mornings when they get to school he takes out his word list and reads through it to make sure he knows it! :shock: Aw man, he makes my heart sore sometimes with things like this. Good sore. :)

He is reading me a bedtime story right now.

(On the other hand Quinn is a whole other kettle of fish. He leaves his stuff at home/school. Has to be reminded 4-10 times. Forgets anyway. Leaves his homework till he is NAGGED about it etc. Says he has none. Get's demerits. Couldn't be arsed etc. I spent the evening Googling his test info because his books are not here and he wanted to talk about everything EXCEPT what I was trying to get him to focus on (I had to keep bringing his attention back, and off what he was trying to explore albeit that it was very interesting. He was not being naughty, but gosh he is SO distractable and goes off at major tangents. Aaai!

Update : I quizzed Q on his Geography the next morning, and he has absorbed a LOT of it, and uses his tangential associations to remember stuff (I do that too actually) so it works well for him, even if it can be frustrating at times if you have limited time. But it does pay into my approach of don't learn ONLY what you need for a test, but for general knowledge, and enrichment.)


  1. Two brothers yet so different!
    Both boys sound fantastic though, one is so diligent and conscientious and the other is a entrepeneur in the making. I have no doubt either are going to make a success of themselves one day :)

  2. always amazes me how different each sibling is

  3. Yeah they have so many similarities and some very big differences too. It is cool to see them.

    Griffin just authored a poem for his project because I hadn't found one for him to use (I forgot!), and he'll get extra marks for effort/creativity now. Q would have shrugged and left it out and lost marks.