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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Granny Betty's Memorial

I am just back from memorial and family and dinner etc etc. It has been a long but good day. The memorial was wonderful and true testament to the amazing woman granny Betty was. A lot of people came and everyone loved and was moved by her. It was a little more emotional than I expected and my dad did a really lovely talk about her and then got very teary by the end, so Griff and I sat and held him afterwards.

The ice was a little broken at the very end when the minister was 'committing the casket' or whatever it is called and she said 'and you are now but dust' which the boys and I heard as 'and you are now butt-dust' which had us sniggering and giggling quietly between our tears. It was kind of funny. Who knew that's what you become when you die..?? :)

The boys were absolute STARS so well behaved and real little gentlemen in their smart school uniforms (I had collected them straight from school, early, on the way to the service). They handed out hymn sheets and also offered all the old ladies tea and sandwiches and cleared up the cups and plates etc etc afterwards all on their own steam. I was very proud. They also spoke beautifully to all the old people who asked them questions. Think I'll give them a small reward for being so conscientious and well mannered and considerate.

Granny Betty truly lived a wonderful life and no one can remember her ever saying a bad word about anyone, ever. What a remarkable and inspirational way to be. Something to strive towards indeed.

I've just been out with my Uncle & Aunt (who are out from England and the reason the funeral was delayed to give them time to get here) and my dad. We had a good time chatting about all and everything. I had no idea that my dad met Michael Jackson! And Nelson Mandela etc etc. He is full of funny and fascinating stories. Oh and my uncle designed the bridge on the M3 that goes nowhere, the one after Ladies Mile and before Tokai... lol.

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  1. I love that you can find the "humour" in anything Jane :)

    Your boys are definitely STARS. You must be one proud mom!!!