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Monday, 22 August 2011

Women's Day Challenge Results

So the Women's Day Challenge Results and photos are out. The previous time I did it was in 2008, when it was at Bellville stadium, so this was at a new venue, but this is how I did last time and this time...

2008 (when I had a different name)
#151 WEIDEMAN JANE 0:54:35

#106 FRASER JANE 0:52:14

Also this year:
I came 106th out of 1489 finishers = top 7.5%
I came 75th out of 1279 female finishers = top 6%

I came out 98th of 1408 seniors = top 7%
I came out 68th of 1213 female seniors = top 5.5%

I came 4th out of 54 in 35-40 age category = top 7.5%
I came 3rd out of 47 Females in 35-40 age category = top 6.5%

These are the photos:

It has to be said that I am NOT loving my new larger thighs which I have acquired this winter. I need to work at getting rid of them soon. Blech!

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