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Monday, 8 August 2011

My Bike Bit Me!

On Friday night I took my bicycle out for a short while when G was at cubs. It was dusk and I had no real plan or destination was just cruising around Newlands and the Liesbeek river etc. I ended up near Kirstenbosch and went off road into a field and long story short misjudged a drop-off-drain combination and instead of rolling out the other end came down hard and fell of the seat and whacked full force into the cross bar and then fell over.

It was so sore I nearly cried! (I didn't even cry when I broke my ankle) Faark it felt like I broke my pubic bone and half expected that I was bleeding it was THAT hard and sore. Anyway I have been joking about it since and thought it had healed up fine... but I just bathed and noticed a nice bruise on my leg and then while drying myself off I lifted my leg further and OMG on second look with a mirror it looks like a horror movie down there. I have a big swollen dark purple-black contusion! It is really quite horrific looking. Yikes.

It's a good thing I am closed for business these days. It would scare anyone away! :twisted: :shock: I hope it heals up soon though. I don't wanna be known as the Cookie Monster henceforth! :twisted: :lol:

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  1. Sheesh Jane, you have been in the wars lately! That sounds extremely painful :(

    Hope you feel better soon xoxox