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Monday, 29 August 2011

I nearly killed Quinn this morning... Bad Mom Award needed.

It's been a looong time since I was in such a rage with him. He has been all over the place in the past week or so. He got demerits in his dairy, the PE teacher phoned me because he didn't have his PE clothes (and used Gran's funeral as an excuse) and then a teacher wrote a note in his dairy about him being a handful last week too... so it's not just me noticing it... anyway he had an oral to do. He did mention it last week and sort of started on it, and did about half of it - in English even though it's an Afrikaans oral.

So yesterday morning I ask him when it is for and he says ' oh only the 29th...' I was like; 'Dude that's TOMORROW!'. GAH. 

So I spent the whole morning working with him, writing it, translating it, finding photos, etc etc etc and then practicing it with him.

We went to a movie yesterday afternoon and before we left I asked him to practise his oral for me. Which he did quite well. Yay. I then said, 'Now make sure you don't leave it behind' and got a firm 'Yes mom' in response.

I have now decided 'Yes mom' means 'Fluck you bitch' or 'Whatever, I am totally ignoring you' or something to that effect. Because when I asked him to practise on the way to school this morning, he told me it was at home!!!
:evil: :roll: :!:

I have not spazzed out that much in ages and ages. My throat is actually sore from screaming now. I made him RUN the last 2 blocks home to go fetch it, and while I was stewing I actually threw his school bag out my window and drove around the corner - VERY mature I know. When he came back I told him he could walk to school, but he was just about crying and begged me to let him get in the car. I yelled at him some more and then dropped him off and didn't even say goodbye.

I think I totally over reacted. What a bitch and horrible mom I was. But I get SO FRUSTRATED with stuff like this.
:cry: :cry:
I hope he is going to be ok today. I wish I could give him a hug and say sorry now.

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  1. You can say sorry that you screamed etc, but not that you punished him! He has to take that responsibility.