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Thursday, 14 November 2013

3 Pet Peeves

Just for today, cos I am PMSing like nobody's business.

When there are like 12 toilet stalls in a row, why for the love of god do 2x consecutive people have to come and use the one right NEXT to mine, when ALL the others are free?? WHY!? Especially since I went in there to 'escape' the world for a short while...

Why when you want to be left alone does everyone feel the need to comment on everything you do? I bought a lunch-box of frozen soup to work yesterday. I had half for lunch yesterday and half for lunch today. So I just get it warmed up and come to my desk, and guy comes up to me. 
'Oh what are you eating..?'
'Are you on some kind of soup diet?'
'No, I am just having soup for lunch'
'You eat soup every day'
'No. I had soup yesterday and I am finishing it today. I last had soup about 2 months ago.' (Now fuck off so I can eat my soup!)

Finally. My phone rings, so I answer clearly and politely: 
'Hello. Jane speaking'
'Hello, can I speak to Jane.'
'JANE speaking, that's why I said 'Hello, Jane speaking'!' (Fucktard!)

Ok, vent over.

Feel free to add your own!

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