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Friday, 15 November 2013

Quinn's Gr 7 Farewell

As Quinn rapidly nears the end of Grade 7 – his final year of junior school – excitement is mounting for the big farewell.


It seems the school goes all out to provide a big farewell for them in the form of a formal themed dinner with the parents (or in my case parent – can you believe I have been doing this 100% single-parent gig for 5 years now!?) anyway the big reveal of what they were going to be doing was made a couple of weeks ago when a big carnival arrived at school in the form of the teachers and entire Grade 6 class dressed up in Rio Carnival theme to deliver the invite to the boys.

The gallery of photos from this is HERE A video is HERE.

The invites were personalised 'Plane Tickets' and 'Passports' complete with 'Visas'. They went to so much effort. I am hugely impressed!


I can't wait for the big event when I get to take my big boy on our trip to the 'Rio Carnival'!!

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