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Friday, 8 November 2013

My first ever running time trial

Weirdly, although I have been running for over 8 years now, and have clocked well over 15 000km, over 2600km just this year so far, I have never done a time trial.

Most clubs have them, and even though I have finally joined a club this year I still hadn't actually attended a time trial.

Sure the Greepoint Park Runs I have been doing are like a time trial in format, and I have even done quite well in them and finished as first lady 3 times now!

Anyway the point is I somehow had never got around to or been able to get to an official club time trial until this week, when I joined Candyce and Co. for the Celtic Harriers Time Trial at the Rondebosch Common on Wednesday. It was chilly and VERY windy making it a pretty grueling 5km facing into the blasting North-Wester most of the time.

I managed to finish in a reasonably respectable but not PB of 23:21. Finishing 5th of the 10 women who took part and ahead of 4 of the 22 men. Not too shabby...

Candyce of course was first lady with only 2 men ahead of her. She is FAST!

Results here

5km - WOMEN   
 Name Surname Time
1 Candyce Hall19:32
2 Claire le Manache20:42
3 Melody Fynn21:20
4 Nothando Mungwe21:40
5 Jane Fraser23:21
6 Kari Longman23:58
7 Andrea Orchard27:23
8 Mandi Cairns27:27
9 Sandiswa Ndlebe30:16
10 Joanne van der Valk30:20

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