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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Max the Cat - 2 years on

Griffin got Max the Cat for his birthday 2 years ago.

Max is a big, fluffy, friendly and fairly affectionate guy. He is very relaxed and easygoing  He is also pretty lazy. He'll lounge around our yard, and if he feels the urge to play will rough and tumble with Roxy a little bit. He never bothers to venture out of our yard, and I have never seen him fighting with any other cats - or even chasing a bird for that matter. he is a home boy and likes his easy and simple life from what I can tell.

He is a lovely cat and I like having him around.

It is hard to get a photo of him, as he doesn't stay still or keep his eyes open for the camera. But this was him being loving with Griff the other day. As you can see he is not a small boy!

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