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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


The boys had been desperate to go to Wakaberry for a while.

So yesterday evening we finally went. It was Griffin's Birthday and we had a 20% discount voucher. Yay!

So we got ready to go for a nice walk, took Roxy with us, and set off with great excitement.

Sadly first strike against them was the surely assistant insisting Roxy wasn't allowed in the door. I sort of understand this, but she was on a leash and calm and still and right by my feet, and there was no one else in the entire shop so it seemed a bit unnecessary.  So I had to take her and wait outside.

Then the flavours on offer are not only odd, but also then unmatched. Grape and Granadella  Vanilla & Watermelon?, Kiwi & Bubblegum!? Then the ice-cream is really watery (like Wimpy soft serve) and slushy and over-coloured and over-sweetened.

Then worst it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Both boys were pretty restrained with their helpings and even with 20% off it came to R70! Insane!
For that price we could have got the much much more decedent and delectable Gelato Mania - which while expensive is so luxuriously delicious and packed with premium ingredients that you can't help to feel that it is worth paying any price for it!

Finally both boys ended up in coughing fits while eating it. Neither of them have any known allergies, so who knows what crap is in there that causes it to be such an aggressive irritant.

Wakaberry I am not at all impressed! I won't be back.

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