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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Scott Adams - Fall from Grace and other Internet whoring

I used to really really admire Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame)*. I rated him as one of the most intelligent and insightful people of our time.

Sadly, as I have read his blog consistently over the past few years he has revealed himself to be a self-serving, self -promoting narcissistic capitalist.  He only ever does anything for fame/attention/money and is inflammatory and self-righteous at the same time.

Not very attractive qualities and not very admirable either.

I am over him completely.

On that note I also have no respect or admiration for the 'nominate/vote for me' blog begging either. Or the trite and vacuous claims to LOVE products endorsements and give-ways when freebies are given for free blog advertising. Seriously those plastic flip files are pretty pedestrian, I can't see how anyone's life was changed by those. BORING! *yawn*

vent over.

* I won't bother to link to any of his sites, since he doesn't deserve any more attention and has enough whoring of himself on the internet already.

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