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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Monday, 2 February 2009

Boy Children, not actually your BFF!

So we were driving yesterday and I ended up having a moment similar to Mel's recent one:

I was wearing a fun summery black and white flared skirt. I asked Quinn if he remembers the skirt and where I got it? He distractedly said 'Yes', so I pressed him and said, 'Ok, where?', to which he replied, 'You got it at the UGLY shop'.


Obviously it didn't hurt as much as Mel's experience with Daniel, but I'll admit I felt a stab of hurt, and immediately thought of how Mel must have felt. Instead of being upset though, I just reminded myself that poor Quinn probably doesn't give a toss about my skirt, and really why should he!? I mean he is a 9-year old BOY for goodness sake! Sure, what he said was a tad mean, but I think he was actually trying to be caustic/funny, not deliberately hurtful, so I let it go.

I told him I had only mentioned it because I thought he would remember it, not because I thought he was interested in the skirt really! I bought it at the night market we walked too (very far) in Phuket, Thailand last year. He said, 'Oh yes, I thought so'.

Anyway I guess it was just a reminder that our children are not our friends, and we shouldn't rely on them for affirmation! ;) Little shits!


  1. LOL - while she may have mammoth tantrums Kiara is very good at affirmations and tells me daily I am beautiful or I look gorgous and notices if I have something new on!