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Monday, 16 February 2009

A bunch o' Pics from our week-end

These are photos from our week-end.

Monkey Town Saturday

Apes on the loose at Monkey Town - say no more!

SALLY and brood at Monkey Town. I 'met' on the Good_parenting SA group back in 2003(?) when she was pg with Rachel. I couldn't make the Kirstenbosch meet that was arranged for her, but I bumped into her at Monkey Town in Somerset West. I was astounded.

Then to explain to my companions how I knew it was her even though I have never actually met her before Wink

Our Valentine's Day Picnic up Lion's Head on Saturday night. It was cold and with gale force winds - as in crouch down and hang on for dear life so you don't get blown away by the gusty winds windy! I lost my hat while we were huddling behind a rock trying to survive the worst of it! - so we retreated into a cave for our actual picnic. The cave turned out to be really lovely and quite magical with a view of the sunset etc anyway. When it got dark we'd make ominous animal noises at the people passing on their way down, from our vantage point up in the cave. Some of the people skriked others thought it was really funny. LOL. Fun!

Fishing at Clovelly Vlei Sunday afternoon. TG J came with us because I had no clue. Thankfully he knows how it is done and Q managed to catch 2 fish. And I now know how to make bread and gob bait balls!


  1. Looks like you had great fun

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend. LOL at you explaining how you knew Sally :)

  3. omg that cave is awesome! my son woulda been in seventh heaven...