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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Evolving Garden Display

I keep meaning to tell someone this...

There is a house about 2km from me, near the boy's school, which I run past about once every week or 2, and I have slowly started noticing an evolution in their garden, it is so cute!

In Nov/Dec I first noticed a pretty rainbow coloured windmill thing planted in the lawn.

The next time I passed there was also a kitsch pink plastic flamingo.

Next time there were 2x pink flamingos.

Then the next time there was a big ostrich egg between the 2 flamingos.

Then this Saturday the ostrich egg was gone and there was a little fluffy toy duckling in its place.

I actually stopped running and stood there staring through the fence and grinning when I saw that.

It just the cutest thing ever. I am excited to see what happens next. I wonder who is doing it and if it is an adult (students?) or a child/family...?

Either way I LOVE it! Wink


  1. Very cute!! Be sure to tell us what evolves next!!!

  2. I'm weird like that. The only thing I would put in my garden is a garden gnome or a fountain or something that is conventionally 'meant' to be in the garden. Fluffy toys? Not so much. Rudi's mom loves putting all sorts of odd things together. I should actually take some pictures of her collection and blog it. Thanks for the idea ;)