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Friday, 6 February 2009

Health & Fitness Assessments - again

I went for a Vitality Health & Fitness Assessment again today. I had one back in Feb 2007.

I did it to earn Vitality points so I can hopefully get back to Gold status - because I missed it by about 2000 points again at the end of last year gah! - you need 100 000, but also because well I find it fun and interesting. As an added angle we got a bit competitive about it here at work all vying with each other to be the BEST! LOL.

This one was arranged by work and was hosted and run here at work during working hours. Bonus!

So yesterday was my Health screening, here is the low down and some useless info:
- She said I was the first person who was not freaked out by the finger prick blood draw. She told me to look away, and I told her I was fine go ahead and give it to me! It does not bother me what so ever. :)
- My glucose levels and cholesterol are higher than they were before, but still relatively low (around 4.5 for both)
- Blood pressure higher than usual, but still lowish (120/70). I told her it was usually quite a bit lower. Like 100/60. She said I might be anxious... I was like 'er, No, it's cos I am at WORK!'
- My weight... gah got to get rid of the extra 2kg which has moved in on my ass! 57.6kg (clothed)
- My height is still the same 1.66m
- Waist circumference 70cm
- My HIV status still negative. She also commented on how relaxed I seemed about that too. I told her have been screened quite a few times including a few months ago, so I would have been very surprised if the result had been different, but I was expecting it to be fine :)

She agreed that it was safe to assume I would live for another year - so sorrie for those life insurance beneficiaries! ;)

Then on to today's fitness screening. 2 other guys Mike & Jason went in together before me and were competing. They are real cards. Jason did 80... read that again 80 push-ups in 1 minute! Mike did 65. FARK ME! o.O IT Mike did 25... which was a much more achievable goal for me to break. I got 36! :) Go me!! That was the hardest part for me by far! (I must just say here that I did GIRL push-ups and they did proper full push-ups. I just tried a full push-up and OMG it is MUCH harder!)

However the dude said I beat Mike & Jason on the Max Heart Rate and Recovery times on the step test though, so he was impressed. Nanananana!

The bio-kinetisist is having a good time, he said the vibe here is so different to other firms he goes to where hardly anyone wants to do the assessment. Here loads are doing it and are all trying to one-up each other ;)

He said, for my age and gender, over all my fitness is in the 'excellent' category. And I have just banked about 15 000 vitality points, plus about 10 000 from my health screening yesterday. :)

My measurements were as follows:
Weight: 57.5kgs
Height: 166cm
BMI: 21 ('Healthy norm' apparently)
Waist Circumference: 70cm ('Within Healthy recommendation')
Body Fat percentage: 21.1% ('Good')
BP Systolic: 110
BP Diastolic: 60 (that seems more accurate than yesterday's measurement)

Non-Smoker: Good
Alcohol Usage: 'Within acceptable health limits'
Nutrition: Good
Fruit & Veg intake: Good

My Maximum Functional Capacity - Done as a (25cm) step test with 4x 2-minute stepping intervals with increasing tempo, and 1-minute rest breaks between them:

Max Functional Capacity: 46.1 (a bit higher than the 45.6 last time)
Max HR (bpm) - 130 (was 144 last time)
Avg HR (bpm) - 89 (was 108 last time)
Duration (min) - 12
Comment: Your Maximum Functional Capacity is 46.1 which is excellent for your age and gender.

Straight Leg Raise (deg) - 92 ('Acceptable' could do better but he just said lift up your leg, if there was any pressure applied it would have stretch further, I get to 110 on the machine at gym)
Sit-and-reach stretch (touch toes) (cm) - 56 (Above 39 = 'Excellent')

Muscle Endurance:
Crunches in 1 min: 56 (Above 44 'Excellent')
Push-Ups in 1 min: 36 (Above 31 'Excellent')

My overall result was Excellent. And I seem to have improved my fitness slightly. Yay! Sometimes next to my super fit friends I feel a bit inadequate. It's nice to see that when measured against the general population I am actually doing pretty well.


  1. You sound like super woman :) Yay!

  2. Oh gosh if I had to go for one now, they'd tell me to up my insurance :(

  3. holy crap...

    ~~we're not worthy~~

    ~~we're not worthy~~

    ~~we're not worthy~~

  4. Well done. Would love to do this test.