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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Delurk - but only if you really wanna!

To be honest I don't really mind or care who reads my blog. I am not looking for fame, fortune, popularity or anything else here. I just blog about what I want to. As a record for myself and as a kind of news letter to friends and family. If you wanna know what's up with me? Read my blog! Don't expect a phone call or e-mail.

I don't carefully plan posts, or time them for maximum exposure, or even pay all that much attention to how many comments I get, or what posts provoke comments or when is the best time to post for comments etc. It's not about that for me at all. I blog when the mood strikes and when I have something to share. I have never kept a diary before, and I guess my blog is pretty much that for me. A place to record thoughts, feelings, experiences etc.

I also don't expect comments. Heck, I have put this up in public where anyone is free to view and read. Whether they want to comment is completely their prerogative. If someone is moved to, or wants to, great. If they don't want to, can't, don't have time to, or simply have nothing to say. So what?

I generally only comment when I have an opinion or something to say too (although recently I do more of the regular comment thing), but that doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed other posts, just that I didn't feel compelled to respond particularly.

Anyway after all that, I have had several unlikely people recently mention stuff they have seen on my blog and I had no idea they were reading it! I just found it interesting and intriguing and I was wondering who does bother to read my blog? - which let's be honest is pretty much filled with crap and the trivia of my day-to-day life. There is very little of any real value here, except to me, and perhaps those close to me. It's hardly earth-shattering life-changing prose or opinion is it? ;)

But it seems I have a few ex colleagues, friends, 'boy friends', family members, and other weird and wonderful motley folks out there who have a window on my world. (Don't send your psych bills to me please!)

So as I said, I really have no issue with who is reading, and if you don't want to respond I am totally fine with that, but if you would like to, why not say hey!? Don't be a stranger. :)


  1. Hey there, no lurker, but am an ex-colleague, I do leave comments now and again, love reading your blog and hearing how you are doing. You have exciting stuffs happening to you.
    Bye for now

  2. Luv your blog Jane, but unfortunately i have had to make mine private as some people have had some ugly stuff to say about it and its become a rather sensitive issue. But like you, also very much a diary for me and it helps when i need to vent.

  3. Hi Jane

    I'm sure you know I read your blog right ...don't you ..... can't remember now if I've ever commented ...but anyhow ..... here I am and I read it religously every morning together with Mel's, it's under my 'favourites'. It's my only connection to the good 'ol days of Good_Parenting and you and Mel are a part of my life - LOL, our kids are similar ages and we've been together for like 9yrs and we seem to all have similar experiences - you guys remind me that I AM sane - ROFL!So just wanted to say "HI" and that I am no Physcho lurker! Love Lischka (

  4. Hereby delurking myself – like Lischka I also have my fav sites I visit every day and your blog is one of them.
    Keep smiling

  5. I'm a real life tertia friend. so i read Sis Mel as well. i'm an earthmother baba-lover so doula intrigues me. thats how i stumbled on your blog. but of late i read it cos it makes me laugh. more so than the newspaper funnies (and cheaper). so its a laugh-seeking-lurker. the bizarre threads of life is that I was part of the man-in-a-glass-box internet project way way back then so met R and he noticed both you and I were friends of Tertia. Facebook is all revealing and, well my first job in the vac after school was for Wallace who was the boss of my best friend at school. Not thats an essay !!

  6. I want comments and lots of them. Comment whore I am.

    Oh and hello Jane baby!

  7. Hey Strawbs: Yeah I know about you in the shadows. It's great that we are keeping in touch. I really miss TSF/HBD and the Canonical gang lots!

    Lindy: ola babe. Yeah yours is like a horror novel sometimes, but is rather thrilling. I love it. Daze of Our Lives stuff! ;)

    Lischka: Wow great to hear from you! I miss the GP_SA gang and the get togethers we used to have!

    Paula: Hey there! You are doula Paula right, not other Paula..? I need to respond to your mail!

    Meriel: OMG what a weird coincidence! Wow! Small world. I have actually never met Wallace, but I have met his wife. So you were part of the woza project?? Interesting. You know that was know R and I met right? Glad I can provide you with cheap entertainment. That is my main goal ;)

    Wenchy: You are never a lurker and I am too scared to lurk on your blog!

  8. LOL...delurking but i read every/most days..stumbled on your blog during your divorce and havent left!! I admire your strenghth and devotion. a huge fan!! ;-)

  9. sorry..just want to is Sarah...not anon!

  10. Me, Me, Me! I love the fact that you comment, Jane. I like knowing who is reading my blog.

  11. Oh creepy stuff. I see TSF and HBD. I recently did some consulting for HIP. Girl, its a veritable web....

  12. Yebo..I'm "doula Paula" not other Paula :)

  13. I can't remember how I discovered your blog Jane - probably just surfing blogs and yours popped up. But I drop in from time to time to see what you're up to, as even when you are having a bad time, you have a way with words that turns the bad stuff into something funny! My favourite kind of blogs are the day to day stuff of ordinary people - I find real life is much more interesting than the opinions of people who think they have something important to say!

  14. i don't lurk, i actually find it hard NOT to comment on what i read, heh heh...
    but i do wish people who read me would say so!

  15. Meriel: that is creepy. Stop stalking me! ;)

    GinaE: I love your comments, you always have something meaningful to say :)

  16. Hey Jane, delurking. Thanks for the entries. Hm, I got nothin'. ;)