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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Monday, 2 February 2009

Random Thoughts and happenings

I started this last week and am finishing it now, so it's a bit of a ramble...

I am tired of covering books in plastic. Especially at 11pm at night! I think I have covered about 30 books now. Before Jan next year I will teach Quinn how to do it himself!

The start of the year is hectic wrt to school and all the stuff that comes with it. There has been a slew of notices, payments. shopping, labelling, meet-the-teachers, time tables, extra mural choices and schedules. And soon the Games evening and then camp out. It's not all bad, it's just a lot to do and organise and figure out. And it gets pretty tiring! Having both boys at 'big' school now means it is all doubled now too. On the plus side at least they are at the same school now, so that saves time with the fetching and carrying. Also Quinn walks Griff into school and to his class in the morning which is very helpful and saves me more time. Thanks guys!

On Wednesday last week the boys went out to see their dad for a couple of hours. I took the opportunity to go for a run (more of a walk actually, but whatever). Anyway I asked G to lock the back door and we all went out the front door locking it behind us (Yale Lock) when we left. I got back at 8pm, before the boys got home, and tried my back door key. The door was STILL locked! Griffin had bolted it! FUCK! I thought for a minute and realised all doors and windows were closed and locked - I can climb through the burglar bars if I really have to... very secure house we have clearly. After realising there was no other easy way in, I decided brute force it would have to be. So I psyched my self up and gave the door a nice hefty side kick, totally ripping the bolt off the door. Yee-ha! Just call me Chuck (Chick, Czech, Chuch or whatever else the FB folk thought of) Norris.

So much for the security of the bolt. Although I was glad it came off so easily - or we would have been stuck outside and would have had to get a lock smith or break a window.

On Friday we went out for drinks after work. I drank a tad too much, because one of the boy's friend's mum called and asked if she could take them to her house until 7:30pm. Hell yes! So I had no 5pm curfew. Probably a bad thing in retrospect. I got home at 6pm a bit tipsy. I decided I needed a run and got ready. On my way out I decided the pool needed a sweep... I nearly fell in in the process. Then I decided to top it up and put the hose on. My 'run' was more of a lurch and swagger, and I was weaving along the pavement either singing loudly to my iPOD or breaking into fits of giggles at passing cars. I really am quite an embarrassment at times! FAIL! *blush* An hour and measly 5km later I was back home and just in time to go fetch the boys. At least I was basically sober by then!

Anyway, we had a pleasant evening, and the boys climbed into my bed to watch some arb stuff on my laptop. We all ended up falling asleep there. Aw, how sweet and cosy right??? NOT!! Bloody hell I was woken up what felt like every 10 minutes by one of them failing, kicking or rolling around in the bed. I sent Quinn to his own bed at about 01:30am, and then Griffin got the boot at 02:30. He started trying to talk to Quinn when he went through though, so I got up to tell him to keep quiet and just lie down anywhere and SLEEP. I was about to go back to my room when I heard a weird sound. So I went out my front door. The frikken swimming pool was over flowing. CRAP!!! I had left the hose on. Shit shit shit! Ran through the water to go turn the tap off. How bloody dumb am I!

So note to self, don't try:
- Running
- Pool maintenance
After you have been drinking.

Finally got back to bed, wide awake, and ended up watching the rest of the DVD until about 4am.

Saturday morning I went for a long, proper run and popped in to the gym to use the Power Plate and bought a bright orange (think artificial orange ice lolly colour) bra. I love it! Ran home again, took the boys to the park to J-board etc, popped off to do grocery shopping, then home to unpack everything, and then I coloured my hair.

By which time the day was done, and half of what I had wanted to do was still unachieved. Bugger. I had hoped that in missing the Met *sulk* I would at least get a lot done, but well I didn't.

It was time to dash off to the airport to collect J, who had been away in the Kruger park all week. He stayed for some tea and chat and then had to head home. The boys and I prepared our picnic stuff for Sunday and then had ANOTHER quiet evening in. Ho hum. Next year I am going to the Met even if I have to go all on my own!


  1. Pfft. I'm not generally good at time management and organization...this would KILL ME!

  2. LOL LOL LOL!! If ever I get to South Africa, I've just got to meet you! You sound like so much fun!

  3. lol... we do such strange things when we're tipsy!
    thank goodness you didn't phone or text anyone.

  4. I am not really a drunken phone-caller (TG). Gina if fun = a few screws loose, then yes I am great fun!@ ;)